Kylie by Envy (Alan Eaton), Color: Mocha Frost


Kylie by Envy is a short shaggy cut, human hair blend featuring the latest in heat friendly fiber with its unique blend of 30% human hair and 70% synthetic fiber. (IRL, this one looks a bit like a late-era Princess Diana shag, especially in the light colors.) 


- 100% hand-tied cap with a French top, meaning that it has a layer of soft silk chiffon underneath the monofilament features to protect the knotting and shield your scalp

- A very comfy, non-scratchy mono wig!

- A full, 100% hand-tied monofilament top that can be parted in multiple directions

- 100% hand tied temple to temple lace front

- 70% heat-friendly synthetic, 30% human hair (called the "EnvyHair blend")

- Average cap size with adjustable bands

- Very comfortable!

- Front: 3.25", Crown: 6.25", Sides: 4.25", Nape: 3.75"

- Weight: 2.8 oz

- Color shown: Almond Breeze


This wig may be pricey, but the value here comes in the form of quality. You get a lot for that money! Kylie is a gorgeous wig. GORGEOUS. It has a beautiful feel to it due to the sophisticated and convincing human hair/heat friendly synthetic blend—in fact, of the blends we've tried of this kind, the EnvyHair blend is one of our favorites! It gives you the benefits and styling versatility of a heat-friendly synthetic without all the clumping and stiffness. The cut on Kylie is very similar to the product picture, especially after you wash it and fluff it up a bit. The layering falls into place easily, and the texture makes for effortless wear. In addition to being stylish, versatile, and attractive, Kylie also features some of the most advanced cap features offered in synthetic styles. Kylie has a 100% hand-tied cap with a French layer underneath, meaning that she has a satiny smooth layer of silk chiffon under the monofilament that makes for comfortable wear every day! The only downside is that the chiffon means the cap will not accommodate a truly large head size (> 24"). However, Kylie will fit like a dream for most wig wearers!



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