Fair Mono by Ellen Wille, Color: Chocolate Rooted


Fair Mono by Ellen Wille is a zippy, little, razored petite-average style with a 100% hand-tied lace front and monofilament top.


- 100% hand-tied lace front

- 100% hand-tied monofilament top

- Petite-average cap size

- Part of the Hair Power Collection

Front: 3.5", Crown: 3", Sides: 3.5", Nape: 2.5"

- Weight: 2.5 oz (very light!)

- Colors shown: Espresso Mix, Champagne Rooted, Auburn Rooted

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The Gist:

Fair Mono by Ellen Wille is a short, trendy style with a wispy front fringe. This popular wig has been designed to provide the wearer with a snug and secure fit—along with the most natural looking head of hair available. This style is made using the softest and most lightweight materials available. Fair Mono looks particularly great with a little synthetic safe styling spray applied to play up the fun, fresh texture of the razored ends! Shake, style, apply—and Fair Mono is ready to play!

Other Important Info:

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