Envy Wig 4 Piece Travel Kit


This kit contains: Wash-N-Wear Shampoo
Tangle Tamer Leave In Conditioner
Shine On Lusterizer
Freeze Frame Hair Spray

It's easy to wash a wig! Fill a basin with cool water. Add the appropriate amount of wig shampoo. (The bottle will tell you how much.) Soak your wig for 5 - 25 minutes, periodically swooshing it gently in the water. Do not brush the wig at this time. Be careful not to wring, pull, or otherwise be too aggressive while swooshing. After soaking, remove wig from basin. Fill basin with cool water and add the appropriate amount of wig conditioner to it. A very small amount of liquid fabric softener can be added if you are washing a
synthetic wig, though this is not recommended for human hair. Soak for 5 - 10 minutes. Remove and once again fill up your basin with cool water. Gently swoosh the wig to rinse. Turn inside out and dry on a head form or wig stand overnight. You may blow dry human hair, but be very careful with the heat, holding the appliance a full arm's length away from the hair. Voilá!

Other things to look for:
Application of a dry shampoo will extend the time between washes by refreshing your wigs and reducing the shine of synthetic wigs. This can help extend the life of your wigs.  We also carry an anti-bacterial spray created especially for wigs and hairpieces that kills odor, free radicals, germs and bacteria as well as deodorizes.  It is alcohol free and made from a food grade enzyme. Our mastectomy customers are also using it on their bras. :) Shine and refresher sprays can put moisture back into dried out strands. Some can prevent sun damage and static electricity. Synthetic and human hair safe styling products. 

Wig stands and other accessories. 

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