Claire PM by Noriko, Color: Almond Spice-R


Your wishes have been granted: Claire PM (as in, "partial monofilament" because it has a 100% hand tied monofilament part) by Noriko is an updated and natural looking version of one of the best-selling shags in the world!


- 100% hand-tied monofilament part

- 100% hand-tied monofilament front 

- Part of Noriko's Fall 2015 Partial Monofilament Collection

- Average cap size

- Fringe 5.7", Crown 8.3", Nape 5.3"

- Weight: 3.2 oz 

- Colors shown: Spring Honey-R, Macadamia-LR

- Click HERE to see the full listing and all the color options for this item on our main site

The Gist:

Claire PM is a 100% hand tied partial monofilament shag cut with a LOT of layers throughout. She also has a long bang that can be combed to the side of the face. This is another beautiful mid-length layered cut from Noriko, a brand known for their excellent layered styles. Claire PM is available in Noriko's famously fabulous highly dynamic colors, including some very popular rooted color options for added realism!

Other Important Info:


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