The RETURN INSURANCE program @WigCloseouts is designed to give you the option to send something back on the off-chance that it doesn't work for you. 



There are two kind of clearance shoppers in the world: 

1. Those who don't mind taking a risk on a final sale if it means they might save more. (Our store is built around this model as the default.)

2. Those who don't mind paying a little more in advance for a service that only risk averse people, as a pool, will be interested in paying for. (You are who the RETURN INSURANCE program was built for!) 

Items returned to us in the RETURN INSURANCE program will be refunded to the original payment method by default, excluding any non-refundable items (such as the RETURN INSURANCE charge itself). 

Our nifty program is a nice way to prevent you being "stuck" with a wig you don't like.  Items purchased without this insurance cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.  RETURN INSURANCE is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or store credit in the event that you don't use it to return an item on that order. 

Adding this item to your cart will allow you the option to return one item in that order within 14 calendar days, no questions asked. It's a great way to cover yourself, just in case the idea of a "Final Sale" would otherwise scare you away. 


There are some important things you should know about this program before you enter it. 


Each single instance of this only applies to one item on the order to which it is attached.  If you ordered multiple items, you may apply it to any one item on the order. 

If you theoretically buy two or more items, and you want coverage for all of them, you will need to purchase this item two or more times to cover however many items you want coverage for in the order. 



Please see our FAQ (below) for more details prior to purchase. 


For a non-refundable $20, you can reserve the right to return your item within 14 calendar days of receipt if it does not work for you. 

Is this per order, or can I roll this over into multiple orders? 

RETURN INSURANCE only applies to the order to which it is applied.  If you want to apply this insurance to multiple orders, you will need to purchase and pay for this on all of those orders. 

Let's say I want to order four items at once.  Will one RETURN INSURANCE per order cover all four wigs? 

No.  You would only be able to return one wig.  To reserve the option to return all four items in your example, you would have to purchase four instances of Return Insurance on that order. 

What happens if I want to return an item but did not purchase RETURN INSURANCE at the time I placed my order? 

Your return will not be accepted if you attempt to return it without Return Insurance.

What if I just send it back without an RMA #?  Like, what if I just send it back without contacting the Help Desk first?

We do not accept unauthorized returns on the WigCloseouts site.  Doing this will result in you being prohibited from placing future purchases in either of our stores.  We highly discourage doing this. 

Do I get the money back for the RETURN INSURANCE if I keep the item? 

No.  This is insurance, not a guarantee.  With the insurance, you have the option to return one item within 14 calendar days of arrival.  The $20 for this is non-refundable. 

What happens if you want to return an item, but did not purchase RETURN INSURANCE at the time you placed your order? 

Without exception, all sales without RETURN INSURANCE are final.  This is a clearance website.  Just like the clearance sections of your other favorite stores, the items purchased here cannot be returned.  We consider all sales on this clearance site FINAL SALES by default unless you add the RETURN INSURANCE to your order. 

How do I send back an item with RETURN INSURANCE on it? 

Contact our Client Care Help Desk ( within 14 calendar days of receiving the item, and we will review your order to ensure that the RETURN INSURANCE was on the order and that you are within the timeline for sending the item back.  (Note: We will reject the return if these two conditions are not met.)  If we see that everything looks okay on our end, we will send you an RMA number and the address to send back your return.  Labels and return shipping are not provided by 

Can I get an exchange if I return an item? 

No.  This is because our inventory changes by the minute, based on what folks return and what they buy from those inspected returns once we list them. 

All items returned to us via the RETURN INSURANCE program will be issued a refund, minus the cost of any RETURN INSURANCE or shipping on the order.  (Both of those are non-refundable.) 



1. Fighting with us over the terms of this program will not be tolerated.

(This note also includes an explanation of why the program is structured this way.) 

This program is opt-in by design. Accepting the returns adds expense to everyone's orders on this site if we only charge people per return. This is why we did not structure this program to charge per return at the time you send something back. The additional expense of accepting returns on this site is a fixed cost due to the labor required. (IE: We have to pay someone every day to handle these returns even if there are no returns to process, and other "overhead" expenses of this nature.) 

We think that raising the prices on everything to cover the expense of the returns is unfair to folks who shop clearance sites specifically because they are on a tight budget. Heather (store founder) grew up in the "Rust Belt" and is very sensitive to these sorts of concerns. 

The fairest way to cover the ongoing expense of allowing returns on this site (without having to raise the prices) was to only charge people who want to take advantage of returns here for the possible opportunity to return their orders within a reasonable, but limited, time frame. We charge up front for this via this program to cover any possible cost associated with simply offering returns on this site.

In short: this program is a compromise. The expense of the returns is not extended to folks who have no want or need of it. People in this program who do not take advantage of the returns, even though they paid for the possibility, will help cover most of those expenses on our end and enable us to provide returns to other people in this program. You help us pay it forward to others in the program. That is why we are not charging "return fees" upon receipt of the wig. We need y'all to work together to pay for that upfront if you want us to provide the service. Our margins are too low on this site to cover the cost of the returns as-is. We would have to raise the prices or get creative to cover the cost. To be frank, this is the latter option, all day long. ;)

We always aim for transparency with our customers. It's one of the biggest things that separates us from other wig stores.

Because we're trying to find a way of handling this issue that is as fair as possible to all involved, we will not tolerate any nastiness directed towards our team when we enforce the policies that have been detailed here for your information.  Fight with us on the policies of this program and we will not allow you to play in our sandbox anymore. We let you choose your own adventure about whether or not we'll let you return stuff. Please don't make us regret that decision! 


2. Please be careful with your returns!

The wig or topper must be in the same condition when we inspect it after you return it. We make video & photographic records of every return inspection on CysterWigs and WigCloseouts. If the item you return does not match our internal records of that item's condition when we first received and processed it (before you bought it), we will consider this an attempt at return fraud.

Note: This excludes any damage to the packaging. We understand this is sometimes out of your control.

The absolute best way to cover your buns and ensure that no misunderstandings occur is to make sure you handle the products with the utmost care, including re-packaging them as they were received, until you decide whether or not you want to keep them. We also highly recommend taking an image of the item with your phone before you remove it from the packaging so you know how to repackage it to return it to us. (Pro tip: Storing your wig or topper in its packaging is also a great way to store your product long-term without damaging it.) 


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Wardrobing (also known as wearing the item for a while and then trying to return it) and other forms of return fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Please don't try it.