Color Disclaimer

Hi There!

A lot of work goes into trying to showcase the colors of our products in ways that demystify them and make them easier to buy. However, we're not perfect and there are some very real limitations to what we can do in this regard.

Here are some of the things that can cause color representations on our site (and every other wig shop on the web, for that matter) to go astray:

  1. Color is a very subjective thing and no two people see color in the same way. This can be biological (a matter or rods and cones changing appearance of color from one person to the next) or perceptual/philosophical. (Remember being a little kind and wondering if everyone sees "blue" the same way you do?)
  2. We cannot simply take pictures of each of the wigs in each of the colors and use that in lieu of color swatches. This would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars...and even big stores stopped doing it because it ended up being cost prohibitive. Even if we COULD do this, it wouldn't fix all the problems in this disclaimer! :)
  3. Our videos are a good place to search for color, but even there it can be difficult for us to capture the colors of the hair with 100% accuracy due to the limitations of modern camera technology and lighting.
  4. Your computer and monitor actually distort the appearance of color in the effort to render visual images to you from a purely digital source. 
  5. Your computer monitor can further distort the appearance of color based on its age, its type, and your individual settings. 
  6. And one more things that adds to the issue: some of you may not realize this, but we are required by all of our brands to use pictures they provide of their products. We have no control over the lighting, filters, cameras, settings, etc. that they use when they shoot these photos.