The Difference

At, we pride ourselves on following in the footsteps of our bigger "cyster" store --

We do things differently than other wig outlet stores.

  • You can expect to find returns and exchanges from the CysterWigs main site, discontinued items, overstock sale items, and lots of store samples on this site! 

  • We do individual inspections of every wig that is sent back to us in addition to regular quality control review spot-checks. This means that some of our products are randomly reviewed TWICE! This is a major difference between our store and others operated by larger wig companies. We inspect all of these items very thoroughly!

  • We inspect EVERY wig that is returned to us by hand, in full lighting, and on camera! Unlike other online wig stores, has invested in having a full staff of wig inspectors who do nothing but inspect returns. So all of the items here on their clearance site have passed that inspection and are ready to rock and roll! ;)

  • Our integrity is everything to us. All of our merchandise is in new / excellent condition -- or we won't sell it!

  • Unlike other wig outlets, we ALWAYS tell you the origins of the items you are buying right on the listings -- including returns! We hate guess work, and we imagine you probably do too!

  • We sell a LOT of sample wigs and toppers here, usually in a seasonal fashion. These are usually samples from one of Heather's many video wig reviews or unworn samples purchased by Heather for the staff of CysterWigs to learn more about the style or color. These are NEW items that have been handled with the utmost care!

  • We NEVER sell an item that is defective, worn, or in otherwise used condition. We proudly send those either back to the manufacturer or to the client who messed them up! This is because we will always do our best to make sure you're getting an honest-to-goodness kind of Grade-A Fancy deal on our closeouts site!

  • We NEVER sell items that are intentionally marketed as "irregular" items. We consider these what they really are: DEFECTIVE. 


We want you to breathe easy in our store. Relax. Shop with confidence. Save money. Have a good time! That's what we're all about at! 


Thank you for shopping with us today!





PS: If you have any questions at all, please contact the excellent, caring staff at the CysterWigs Client Care Help Desk (CCHD, for short): 
All of our customer service is 100% electronic to help us answer your questions faster than any other store on the web!
Hours of operation: M - F  10 am to 6 pm (ET) 
(This excludes all major holidays.)