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CysterWigs is a Name Brand Wig Boutique Specializing in the Latest High Quality Wig Fashions.

WigCloseouts is the clearance site for the returns and overstocks from CysterWigs.

Our returns are personally inspected on camera by Heather and her amazing team in Athens, GA. (Go Dawgs!) 

You don't need to have PCOS to be one of our Cysters. We are proud allies of the LGBTQA+ community and big fans of wig enthusiasts of all backgrounds and interests. Love wigs? We love you!

How we started was founded in 2012 by a wig lover named Heather. She created the site while she was going to grad school at the University of Georgia for an MS in Artificial Intelligence. 

While supervising the student run radio station on campus, WUOG 90.5, she felt that her hair loss was making her look a lot older than she felt on the inside. (We bet a lot of you can probably relate.) 

Heather realized that there weren't any stores that catered to her form of hair loss -- specifically, the androgenic alopecia caused by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Women with PCOS are typically in their 20's or early 30's at the time of diagnosis. They are not the same age as typical wig wearers, who generally start to buy wigs in response to menopausal hormonal hair shedding. Women with PCOS want fun, fresh, professional styles with a lot of versatility and room to express their personalities. They want to experiment are not typically tied down to one kind of style or color. They also need to be able to wear it to work, or when they pick up their kids from soccer practice, or hand out at the beach. The wigs need to look real and really function, preferably while looking supremely fly. 

The good news is that lots of wig wearers of all ages, gender identifications, and ethnicities are looking for these things from their wigs, too. Thousands of people from all over America come to hang out and explore their possibilities with us every day. We think that's a recipe for a great party. ;)  

So where's Heather now? 

Oh, Heather's still around. She continues to be the designer and coder of this site and constantly adds new videos and photos to help you learn about the products before you buy. She even answers customer service emails on a regular basis, so don't be surprised if you hear from her personally!

Psssst: We never shy away from progress or new technologies. Expect to see continual innovations to the sites as we continue to grow. :)

Where We're From

Our main office is located smack dab in the center of breathtaking Athens, GA where hipsters and trendsetters roam freely among us, humidity is high, and the allergy quotient is ridiculous. 


Thank you for shopping with us today!


PS: If you have any questions at all, please contact the excellent, caring staff at the CysterWigs Client Care Help Desk (CCHD, for short):
Hours of operation: M - F  10 am to 6 pm (ET) 
(This excludes all major holidays.)